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Number to watch: $1,900

Bosch estimates the value of semiconductors in average vehicle at  roughly $1,900, once AVs and EVs are fully embraced in the consumer marketplace.

Tesla aims to reduce vehicle charging time

The electric automaker has forced the industry to evolve and sped up the rollout of a robust fast-charging infrastructure, experts say.

Navigating the morass of self-driving car data

German software supplier Elektrobit has developed a new tool to help organize data for self-driving vehicles.

Teen's blind-spot solution clearly the winner

An eighth-grader won $25,000 for designing a system that uses a camera, projector and special fabric to make a vehicle's A-pillars appear invisible.

Dealers capitalize on boom in used-vehicle sales

It's a good time to be a used-car dealer — so long as you can find quality inventory.