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Toyota exec: Auto shows still ?critical' to business

Toyota Motor North America's Bob Carter says some of the industry angst over the future of auto shows is "self-inflicted," the result of automaker strategies to cross-program off-site events during auto shows to monopolize media coverage.

EV startup Lucid puts shovels in Arizona soil

The company expects to invest $700 million in its greenfield in Casa Grande by the mid-2020s.

How to protect customers' private data

Dealerships rely on their software providers to maintain cybersecurity but also need to train their people in how to protect customer data.

Tailor shopper's web experience

An Affinitiv vice president explains how machines can help dealerships personalize their websites for consumers — and what's hampering efforts to do so.

Jaguar gives F-Type sleeker look and a boost in power

Jaguar is gearing up for battle with the midengine Chevrolet Corvette.