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Luxury car dealer discovers a niche in insurance

Lamborghini Philadelphia expects to sell insurance policies to about half its customers, potentially generating nearly $500,000 in premiums.

Can EVs proliferate with or without Build Back Better Act?

With the EPA finalizing more stringent vehicle emissions standards, the industry is looking to Washington for support to grow the EV market in the U.S.

Ford puts commercial business at forefront of EV strategy

The automaker already owns a leading share of the commercial vehicle market and is betting fleet managers will recognize the benefits of going electric far quicker than the average retail buyer.

An EV battery may one day help power a building, JuiceBar CEO says

Building out the EV charging network could change the relationship between drivers and where they park, according to the CEO of the charging manufacturer JuiceBar.


GM EV pickups threaten Chevy Bolts' future

The Michigan plant that builds the Bolt EV and EUV is scheduled for a $4 billion upgrade to begin making electric pickups powered by next-generation batteries.

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