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Mercedes dealer unmasks solutions to save jobs

Dream Motor Group CEO Joe Agresti applied old-fashioned entrepreneurism to find a creative solution to keep his employees paid in the midst of a pandemic.

Nissan CEO defends revival plan

Makoto Uchida tried to convince angry shareholders that his revival plan is the right one. Some investors seemed to long for the reign of fugitive former Chairman Carlos Ghosn.

Time to think again about China

China's efforts to enter the U.S. auto market may have slowed, but that's not the case in the field of automated driving. In this week's issue, Automotive News will begin a five -part series on what's working in China and what's not, and what it all means for the American auto industry.

The British are coming — with familiar-looking 4X4

A new entry into the SUV market, Ineos, hopes its Grenadier SUV appeals to Land Rover fans.

Dodge cuts to its performance core

Dodge is killing two nameplates that will complete its transformation from a collection of pleasant people haulers into an army of asphalt-eating muscle machines.